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kilpatrick audio
konverter +5 supply

price : $45.00

with more and more eurorack modules requiring +5v to power digital circuitry, having +5v available in modular cases is becoming increasingly important. the kilpatrick audio kbox enclosure / power supply comes with a +5v as standard, but many manufacturers still only provide +12v and -12v. thus we created the konverter.

by using the latest in power technology, the konverter draws only 260ma from your +12v supply, yet produces a full 500ma on its +5v output. with more than 80% efficiency, this means that the draw on your existing supply is minimal, and nearly no heat is produced by the module itself.

the entire module is only 1.0" w x 1.3" h and 0.5" thick. simply plug it into your existing 16 pin doepfer-style power bus board and all outputs will now provide +5v to modules which need it.

features and specs:
+5v high-efficiency dc-dc converter (>80% efficiency)
max. output: +5v @ 500ma
max. input current: +12v @ 260ma
max. output ripple: 20mvp-p
dimensions: 1.0" x 1.3" x 0.5" (w x h x d)
designed and made in canada using high quality parts.
warranty: 1 year

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