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glamour box

price : $325.00

the glamour box is an all analog dual oscillator synth with wave shaping and hurting the sounds of the glamour box may be affected by an external audio signal.

facilitates a wide range of maddening sounds ranging from sick static to modulating volcanic eruptions which are shoveled into all out sub-thunder explosions, and grated scraping high frequencies. the glamour box has an external audio input that smashes incoming signal inside of the two sweepable oscillators creating a vortex of intense \ distorted schizophrenic undulations.

master volume control
wave shaper/hurter (controls the way osc1 modulates the osc2 wave shape)
two oscillators (each potentiometer tuned)
lfo (affects the pitch of osc #1 lfo wave shape a square)
lfo rate control (potentiometer adjusted)
osc 2 volume control (potentiometer adjusted)
external audio signal input (gain is adjusted with potentiometer)
gain booster for external audio input
internal summing amplifier mixes together: oscillator 1, oscillator 2 & external audio input
and violently spits the mixed signal out into the filter

the triangle composed of the three small knobs in the center
the bottom knob of the small triangle is a gradual selector of the frequencies which are tuned by sweeping the upper right and upper left knobs

externally powered by a regulated 9 volt dc (standard barrel type) power adaptor.

audio samples:
loop 1
loop 2
loop 3
loop 4
loop 5
loop 6
loop 7
loop 8
loop 9
sample ten
sample eleven
sample twelve
sample thirteen
sample fourteen
sample fifteen
sample sixteen

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