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king capitol punishment

price : $320.00


the sleepdrone 6 is a hex oscillator analog drone machine.

the sleepdrone 6 creates aggressive fighter bomber drones, smothering all matter within audible range into a brutality harmonic meditation.

the knobs connect to invisible rope pulleys that harness the tension of energy from above. also the ropes are connected to the wings of flying craft at the end of the ropes there are hooks. these hooks steal sound vibrations from the air and turn them into terror. the terror is then conveyed into packets of energy. these packets of energy are commanded by the sleepdrone 6.

6 analog square wave oscillators
6 volume controls
6 on/off controls
master volume mono out
powered by a standard external dc adapter

the sleepdrone6 is backed by a 5 year warranty. any needed servicing of the unit will be performed for no charge (minus shipping charges).

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