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ms-20 mini

price : $449.99

MS-20 Mini

monophonic analog synthesizer

the classic ms-20 –recreated in mini size!

an analog synthesizer featuring the original circuitry from 1978

korg's ms-20 monophonic synthesizer, first introduced in 1978, is still a coveted instrument to this day, thanks to its thick, robust sound, its powerful, iconic analog filter, and its versatile patching options. over 300,000 people have enjoyed the distinct ms-20 sounds from the original, from korg's ms-20 plug-in synth, or the ims-20 ipad app.

today, the sounds of the ms-20 have been reborn in hardware, as the ms-20 mini. the same engineers who developed the original ms-20 have perfectly reproduced its circuitry and fit into a body that's been shrunk to 86% of the original size, yet retains the distinctive look of the original.

the ms-20 mini will amaze you with its absolutely authentic analog synth sound.

comments from the developers:
fifty years have passed since korg was founded, and we have once again put our hand to an analog synthesizer. we took particular care to deliver smooth parameter adjustments, which are a distinctive feature of analog synthesizers. we also took special care to completely reproduce the original specifications of the ms-20. the analog circuits we designed 35 years ago still deliver the same unbeatable, powerful sound, from the ultra-low to the ultra-high range.

overseen by the engineers of the original ms-20, a complete replication of the original analog circuitry
2vco / 2vca / 2vcf / 2eg / 1lfo structure
self-oscillating high-pass/low-pass filters with distinctive distortion
external signal processor (esp)
extremely flexible patching system
miniature ms-20 that's 86% of the original size
midi in and usb connector
replicates every detail of the original, down to the package binding and the included manual

download the manual here.

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