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volca sample

price : $159.99

Volca Sample

intuitive and ultra-powerful volca sequencer

a fun to use sequencer with superb improvisatory potential
the step sequencer is designed for ease of editing and to allow parts to be inserted or removed "on the fly." use the 16 step keys to enter notes intuitively while maintaining visual confirmation of the timing of the notes in a measure. you can also record your performance in real time. up to ten of the sequence patterns you create can be stored in internal memory.

motion sequencer records and plays back up to 11 parameters
the motion sequence function records your knob movements, letting you add time-varying change to the sound. this is a great way to polish your loops, and also lets you generate highly original live performances. the volca sample is able to record all knob movements that are related to sound editing. this allows sophisticated editing that had been impossible for hardware samplers of this category.

parameters that can be used with motion sequence
· start point (playback start location)
· length (playback length)
· hi cut (cutoff frequency)
· speed (playback speed)
· pitch eg int (pitch eg depth)
· pitch eg attack (pitch eg attack time)
· pitch eg decay (pitch eg decay time)
· amp level
· pan
· amp eg attack (amp eg attack time)
· amp eg decay (amp eg decay time)

active step and step jump functions let you insert and remove steps
the active step function lets you skip steps during the sequence, and the step jump function lets you instantly play just the step that you're pressing. from short-loop effects to unimaginably irregular rhythms, these functions allow dynamic performances as though you were performing the sequence itself.

swing function generates grooves
the swing function adjusts the swing playback position, generating the distinctive groove of dance music styles such as hip-hop. as appropriate for the character of your song, you can shift between rushing and dragging the beat.

use the analogue isolator to control the sound

analog isolator provides powerful and great-sounding possibilities
volca sample features a frequency isolator, which has become a powerful tool in the creation of numerous electronic genres. this lets you apply powerful changes to the sound and create development and breaks by boosting or cutting the low/high ranges. the isolator is implemented as an analog circuit, ensuring thick sound even in the flat position.

reverb per part
the built-in reverb effect can be switched on/off for each part. the isolator and reverb can be used together, enhancing your live performance with possibilities such as cutting the low range and letting it fly.

song mode for more dynamic performances
in a first for the volca series, a song mode is featured. you can save up to six song patterns, each combining up to 16 sequences. this enables performance possibilities that are unique to the volca sample with its ability to play a diverse range of samples; for example you could play back together with another synchronized volca unit while dramatically changing the rhythm pattern of the volca sample.

reverse function lets you play samples backward
the sample reverse playback that's indispensable for hip-hop is provided, and you can turn it on/off independently for each part.

new functions only on the volca sample
load samples from the dedicated ios app
in addition to the 100 preloaded samples, you can use a dedicated, free ios app to load your very own original user samples. audiopocket enables you to program your volca sample memory with audio samples from the following:

the app. record on-the-spot with the app, where you can preview, trim and normalize your impromptu sample recording.
your computer. using itunes file sharing, just drag and drop into “audiopocket documents”
factory presets. choose from a library sound-designed by korg.

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