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ac/dc mixer

price : $260.00

mixer has 4 inputs which can be mixed in pairs and all together. inputs are ac or dc coupled in pairs by switches. potentiometers attenuate gain, unity gain at the center their range, max gain = 2. so it is amplifying mixer. summing amps are op270 because of their great dc precision and sound quality.

jacks i used are erthenvar but kombiconn ones fit too.

pots are 15 mm alpha from smallbear . better if they would be centre detent, it's possible according alpha's catalogue but i can't find where to buy.

switches are sub-miniature dpdt on-on.

the design is adapted for eurorack format but 15v is possible without changes. boards have mounting holes for m3 screws, footprints of potentiometers, switches and power connector are compatible with mta100 headers. jacks can be wired with shielded or other wires. so 5u-ers are welcome.

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