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price : $330.00

this is compact but hi-quality feedforward vca compressor.

adjustable by potentiometers threshold, ratio, attack, release, makeup gain.

reduction led which lights when signal level exceeds threshold.

threshold, makeup, attack and release can be controlled by cv. -+5v covers all pots range.

hard/soft knee switch.

two timing modes are available -- auto and manual. in auto mode attack and release rates are linked, and depend on the non-linear capacitor circuit. in manual mode, variable, independent adjustment of the attack and release dynamics are possible.

rms, peak or automatic timing detector options.

two cv outs. cv1 after rms-level sensor and treshold control works something like envelope follower. cv2 after all controls beforevca, using this out any vca can be patched as compressor or modulating a filter gives interesting effect.

sidechain send and receive to external sidechain processing.

two microcompressors can be linked in stereo pair by stereo 1 and stereo 2 jacks. master/slave switch off controls on slave unit. stereo 1 to link the two rms detectors. such coupling results in true power summing and a more euphonic behavior. stereo 2 to send cv from master unit to slaves vca.

audio sample:
tube vca works as compressor modulated from cv2 out of microcompressor. filter - mutant vactrol vcf. no effects.

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