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price : $185.00

the "angelring - clean boost+" (an) is a clean booster pedal. the "an" boosts the input signal as cleanly as possible so it is suitable for increasing volume. it also outputs the boosted signal to the next instrument or amplifier so that it is able to make a natural overdrive sound. it is recommended for situations when you like the tone, but don't have enough volume, or if you want to boost a tone in the middle of a track.

from the left; "level" and "gain". "level" controls the overall output level when the effect is on. "gain" controls the overall gain level when the effect is on. there are 13 scales for the "gain" knob, from 11 to 13 is called the "heaven" zone where distortion is created.

on the right side, there is an input jack.

on the left side, there is an output jack. boosted powerful sound comes from here!

on the top, there is a jack for an ac adapter.

size : l:70mm w:115mm h:55mm
weight : 280g
jacks : input, output
switches : on/off
controls : level, gain
power : battery 006p or ac adapter (dc9v "barrel" type tip negative)

audio samples:
sample one
sample two
sample three
sample four

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