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price : $230.00

the "deviltail - deathtortion" (dv) is a very high gain distortion pedal. the "dv" is able to create a high gain distortion sound with a three band equalizer (high, mid and low). it can provide many sound variations. the equalizer is on the back of the pedal so that once you find the right tone for you, it is easy to set. it can create your favorite distortion sounds with a three band equalizer eg: an energetic sound with not much distortion or super high gain distortion.

from the left; "level" and "gain". "level" controls the overall output level when the effect is on. "gain" controls the overall gain level when the effect is on. there are 13 scales for the "gain" knob from 11 to 13 is called the "hell" zone!

on the right side, there is an input jack. there is a jack for an ac adapter on the top.

on the left side, there is an output jack where super high gain distortion is output!

there is a three band equalizer on the back. from the top, "mid", "high" and "low". use a philips head screwdriver to adjust.

size : l:70mm w:115mm h:55mm
weight : 280g
jacks : input, output
switches : on/off
controls : level, gain, equalizer (mid, high, low)
power : battery 006p or ac adapter (dc9v "barrel" type tip negative)

audio samples:
sample one
sample two
sample three
sample four
sample five
sample six

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