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steroid o.d.

price : $330.00

the "steroid o.d. - overload unit" (st) is an overdrive pedal that can make the sound of overloading an amplifier. characterized by natural overdrive sound. the "st" provides a wide range of tone characters with a "tone" control and "sculpting" switch. low noise design with discrete circuit.

the "st" is a kind of "overdrive" pedal. able to push a specific point of the input sound powerfully without destroying it, it makes a smooth, crunchy drive tone.

from the left; "level", "tone" and "gain". "level" controls the overall output level when the effect is on. "tone" controls the tone (turn right for enhancing treble.) "gain" controls the overall gain level when the effect is on. there is a "sculpting" switch below the controls. it has 4 switches: "high", "mid", "low" and "limiter".

on the right side, there is an input jack. this jack is also a power switch. when not in use, be sure to unplug the cord from the input jack.

on the left side, there are jacks for an ac adapter and the output.

size : l:70mm w:115mm h:55mm
weight : 280g
jacks : input, output
switches : on/off, sculpting (high, mid, low, limiter)
controls : level, tone, gain
power : battery 006p or ac adapter(dc9v "barrel" type tip negative)

audio samples:
sample one
sample two

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