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tone axe

price : $230.00

the "tone axe frequency divider plus manual jetlizer and fuzz with gate" (ax) is an effect pedal which divides the frequency of the input signal with distortion. the effect of this pedal changes depending on the input signal, it can be transformed to a low pitch, powerful fuzz sound or jet sound.

the name "tone axe" comes from the circuit which this pedal is based on, called "frequency divider". also the sound of this pedal is very powerful and solid like an axe.

from the left; "level", "sens", and "divide". "level" controls the overall output level when the effect is on. "sens" controls the sensitivity of the effect. "divide" controls the frequency division. the effect sounds different depending on the input signal. if the input is a single sound of a high pitch, it is transformed to a low pitch. the "divide" knob controls pitch jumps. it distorts if the input signal has many ingredients, so the knob controls the tone of the fuzz or jet sound.

on the right side, there is an input jack. the sound generated by the pedal will change depending on the input. there is a jack for an ac adapter on the top.

on the left side, there are jacks for the output and cv pedals. the cv pedal jack can be connected to a cv pedal for "divide" alterations. if you have a foot cv pedal, you can control the "divide" with your foot. the "cv pedal" (control voltage pedal) is also known as an "expression pedal". unfortunately, we do not manufacture these pedals yet. some manufacturers make "expression pedals" and almost all of them can be used in combinations with our pedals, but effects will vary depending on the manufacturer. we recommend using the "moog fp-01" for the "ax - divider fuzz".

size : l:70mm w:115mm h:55mm
weight : 280g
jacks : input, output, cv pedal
switches : on/off
controls : level, sens, divide
power : battery 006p or ac adapter (dc9v "barrel" type tip negative)

audio samples:
sample one
sample two
sample three
sample four
sample five
sample six

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