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goatkeeper 3 (white)

price : $340.00

goatkeeper 3 (black)

price : $340.00

goatkeeper 3 (grey)

price : $340.00

goatkeeper 3 (bare metal)

price : $340.00

goatkeeper 3 is an all analog signal path, digitally controlled tremolo. it's unique sound is due it's analog vca (voltage controlled amplifier) and highly customizable waveforms. six of the eleven waveforms are standard; the other five can be created and saved using the waveform recorder function. either goatkeeper's depth knob or the expression/cv input can be used as the source for waveform recording. a four step sequencer multiplies the lfo's rate by either 1,2,3,4,6,8, or 16. a step can also be set to full amplitude or minimum amplitude. the random setting will select between 1 through 16 or minimum amplitude. lfo rate is set by tap tempo (requiring two or more taps), the expression/cv input, or external sync input.

capable of completely unique sounds as well as standard tremolo

advanced lfo
four step sequencer
skip a step by setting it to ">>"
set the step to multiply the speed by 2,3,4,6,8,16
set the step to minimum or maximum amplitude
set the step to random, selecting between 1 through 16 ro minimum amplitude
waveform recorder function - draw an arbitrary waveform
six preset waveforms and five slots for user drawn waveforms

tap tempo speed control
set tempo duration from approximately 250 msec to 6 seconds
the resulting speed can then be multiplied by up to 16 times using the sequencer knobs

either the depth knob or expression/cv input is used to "draw" the waveform when in waveform record mode
expression/cv input for control over lfo rate
external sync input - syncs goatkeeper to an audio click track
100% analog signal path
relay bypass

audio samples:
planet telex
2 stage stutter
ramped up rambling
screeching wells
fuzz pitched
ultra short staccatto
trem sample #1
trem sample #2
trem doom
trem harmony

please click here to visit the manufacturer's webpage for more info.

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