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keyed mosstone

price : $535.00

Keyed Mosstone

the keyed mosstone is a one voice synthesizer. the voice of the synth is a triangle wave oscillator with a moss effect and wave folder. the envelope is a rise and fall type generator with sustain mode on or off. inputs on the back are for cv and gate, and the unit is powered by a 12v adapter. a micro-keyboard of touch pads in the shapes of three dots and four rectangles allows the playing of notes and modulations. pressing one or some of the three circle keys with your fingers selects a note and triggers the envelope. top and bottom long bars are to offset the pitches of the three circle keys. the left bar is envelope loop, which patches end out and trigger in of the envelope. the right bar is a sample and hold key which outputs two random voltages. this is a stand-alone game about flavors of noise mixing with pure pitch, envelope modulations, and binary melody addressing. and if you don't feel like playing the game you can always just control the voice with your sequencer or keyboard from the cv and gate input.

moss oscillator
the moss oscillator is a triangle vco with a noise source which can be sprinkled in with the oscillator before the wave folder. there is a knob control and a cv input for the amount of moss.
the noise mixes with the oscillator before the saturated ota and wave folder... this kind of mix means the noise is only heard during the rise or fall portions of the wave. on the oscilloscope i think it looks like spanish moss on a tree branch.
the oscillator has coarse tune knob, exponential pitch input, linear pitch input with attenuator.
there is a lockhart wavefolder of two transistors with knob and cv as well.
a pure triangle and pure noise output are presented
v/oct tuning trimpot

envelope function generator
rise and fall type function generator with knobs and cv ins for both rise and fall.
there are outputs for rise gate, fall gate, end of function, and output of the envelope itself
trigger input
sustain mode on or off

the keyboard is an array of touch pads for controlling some parts of the instrument
three circles are for selecting one of eight voltages tuned by trimpots across the top of the keyboard section. these keys work in combination in a binary way to provide 8 options.
the top and bottom bars are offsets for the binary pitch keyboard, these can be tuned to octaves, two octaves, or whatever you want...
rectangle on the left loops the function generator
rectangle on the right gives two noise outputs, one sample and hold type and one track and hold type.
two outputs for the randoms, three inputs for each key, two outputs for cv from keyboard and a trigger voltage spike
there is also a gate out for the the bottom long bar.

other stuff inbetween
vca cv input is in between the envelope generator and the oscillator
jacks across the back go power input (12v >=300ma center positive 5.5mm x 2.1mm), audio output, cv in jack, gate in jack
there is a voltage inverter with an input, an output and leds for each
ground jack banana on the back

download the users manual here.

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