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x-series dual eg

price : $699.00

crucial to the filtering and final output of any synthesizer are the envelope generators. there are various types of egs in different designs and some are simple- some more complex. the x-series dual eg employs a classic adsr design. using totally discrete parts- the switch on timing for this module can be very fast. the x-series dual eg was designed to have three different ranges of operation- fast (which is well snappy), medium which is standard for most analogue synthesizers and slow which is great for long drawn out rise and fall times- perfect for slow evolving ambient music.

as the name suggests, this is a dual envelope generator. typically one would use the first eg to control the cutoff frequency of a voltage controlled filter and the second eg to control the output, or volume of a voltage controlled amplifier. it was thought important to add a built in ‘utility’ vca for that final output. the vca, like most of the circuitry in this module, is a discrete transistor based design that adds that extra clarity to the final output.

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