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x-series dual sv filter

price : $699.00

the goal was to design a different sort of filter to compliment the x-series 'backend' filter combo (which is 42 hp) but in a smaller space (21 hp). this is the same size as the x-series single oscillator. out came the dual voltage controlled state variable filter with a remarkable 'organic' sound and great functionality.

the x-series dual sv filter is a stereo 12db/octave design featuring low pass, band pass and high pass responses. both sections are manually controlled by a master frequency control. the 'left' side cv input is normalized to the 'right' side cv input. should two different control voltages be applied to the two CV inputs- each side will react completely separately from each other- and that is where the stereo fun begins!

when it comes to applying an audio signal to the x-series dual sv filter- once again, the left and right audio input sockets are normalized and can be broken by the insertion of another, separate, audio signal being connected to the unit. attenuated log cv inputs are provided for each filter as well as two separate 1v/octave cv inputs for keyboard tracking, or indeed, any other control voltage.

both log cv inputs feature inversion switches which turn any cv input upside down- the sound is amazing when used in stereo with a sample & hold source connected! The duality of these filters allow themselves to be used separately or in series with each other, providing the user with a deeper cutoff slope/frequency...very interesting with two separate resonance controls being applied.

jumper connectors for each filter are featured on the rear of the unit- and allow standard resonance- or self oscillating resonance which is excellent when used for cross modulation purposes from other synthesizer elements!

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