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lord of the ring (white front panel)

price : $250.00

lord of the ring (prm-1) is an "all analog" module based on a real ring modulator, traditional design done with transformers and matched germanium diodes (the raw sonic beauty!), with built-in carrier oscillator.

the built-in oscillator features 2 selectable wave shapes, triangle and square. in addiction a special waveshaper can be inserted after the oscillator to add harmonics, giving a rich "filter-like" sound. it is capable of wonderful sounds when used properly.

passive ring modulator only have a side effects. being all passive a part of the dry signal will pass trough the modulator even if there is no signal to the other side (bothcarrier and modulator). to compensate this, two null potentiometers were added to suppress the dry signal.

real passive ring modulator
hand matched nos germanium diodes
built-in carrier vco (tri-square) + waveshaper
cv modulation buffered input
null pots (act like a dry/wet on both inputs)
standard eurorack format and power

download the manual here.

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