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brains is a clocked sequential binary event machine, intended to be connected to tactile controllers such as the pressure points. once connected, pressure points provides data input to brains in the form of touch selectable reset stage and hold stage. pressure points also provides the tuned voltages and patchable reset pulses per stage. brains, when connected to either 1 or 2 pressure points, will drive the stage selection in a sequential fashion, at a rate determined by the incoming clock at clock in, thus forming a 4-step or 8-step 3-channel analog sequencer. binary control over direction of the stage selection, run/ stop and reset are provide. the touch-gate out is the only output on brains, producing a gate high signal whenever a pressure points is touched.

the touch-clock in serves a dual purpose. used without a master clock applied to the clock in, events initiated by touching pressure points will be quantized to the timing signal applied to touch-clock in. when used along with the clock in, a secondary sequence will be initiated whenever pressure points is touched, where the length and timing is determined by the relationship of the touch-clock to the master clock. even divisions of the master clock will produce tame variations of the main sequence. non-synchronized clocks will produce???

brains will function at speeds well beyond the threshold of human hearing. analog or digital signals rising quickly to at least 1v are valid and will be recognized by brains as a binary high or on, signals below 1v are considered low, or off.

brains operates from a single supply, needing only +12v and ground connected, and may thus be powered with a wall-wart. brains will, of course, operate perfectly powered from the dual supplies found in euro rack format cases from doepfer, monorocket, mw. having the single supply operation allows for greater ease in building of custom or diy enclosures.

the faceplate for the brains is a printed circuit board. it is black, with white and gold graphics.

this module is 4hp and consumes 10ma worth of current.

download the manual

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