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price : $120.00


contour is a 4 stage function generator, or adsr, derived from our 0-coast synthesizer. it is designed to create control voltages to drive the dynamix, moddemix and other fast vcas, vcfs, and more. the contour takes inspiration from the original loudness contour circuit of the minimoog, which is perhaps the most well-known example of east coast synthesis. the simplified control set (where decay adjust both the decay to sustain and the release) makes it quick and intuitive to set-up. the contour module adds full voltage control, a mirrored output, end of onset and end of contour gate outputs which allow it to be highly integrated into any modular synthesizer regardless of coastal allegiance.

analog 4-stage adsr envelope generator also operable as 3 or 2-stage function
linear or exponential shapes, and everything in between
patch eon out to the gate in to cycle for lfo function
voltage control over time based parameters
mirrored out useful for crossfading patches
leds indicate activity on all outputs
eon and eoc outputs allow for cascading multiple units and/ or maths and functions
pairs well with dynamix, maths, function

width: 6hp
depth: 24mm
power @+12v: 36ma
power @-12v: 16ma

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