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make noise

price : $399.00


the mimeophon music synthesizer module is a stereo, multi-zone color audio repeater by make noise and soundhack, coded by tom erbe.

the mimeophon (from greek mimeo (repeat/copy) and phon (sound)) is a modern take on various historical sound copying, echo and repeating devices. it allows for stereo modulations of time, space and timbre of mono or stereo sound sources. the mimeophon is capable of modulating and morphing time scales of repeated sound from micro-sound to note to phrase length while also coloring and spatializing the repeats.

full stereo in and out
color coded modeless algorithm: morph between karplus, flange, chorus, echo, looping and everything in between
rate continuously controls repeats frequency within zones
skew lets rate control repeats differently for left and right channels
μrate offers dedicated doppler modulation
tempo sync for doppler free modulation of rate, create complex repeat patterns
control number of repeats up to and beyond infinite
halo smears repeats in stereo space
color focuses feedback energy for timbral shifts over time
rate out generates pulses at skewed tempos, completing the conversation within the modular system
zones may be flipped for backward repeats
hold sound for non-destructive modulation of infinite loops
fully voltage controlled time, space and color modulation algorithm

width: 16hp
max depth: 30mm
power: 100ma@ +12v, 10ma @ -12v

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