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make noise
mini-pwr (without ac adapter)

price : $95.00

mini-pwr ac adapter for 100-240v

price : $18.00

10 bus power cable

price : $10.00

16 bus power cable

price : $12.00

designed to run a single row of modules in a custom/diy wood case.

runs from +15vdc ac adapter (wall-wart), anywhere in the world

outputs: 800ma +12v regulated, 500ma -12 regulated, 250ma +5v regulated

2 euro power connectors (2 x 8 male .1" headers) for connecting bus cables or directly to modules

spade connectors for dc in/out/gnd (for chaining of dc power to multiple boards)

low noise, stable

conservative current rating

automatic shut-off when current draw exceeds 1.2a

lightweight and low profile (less then 18mm height)

includes: 4hp inlet for ac adaptor, 2 bus cables, and hardware for mounting in a wood enclosure.

ac adapter sold separately.

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