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optomix v1

price : $185.00

Optomix v1

this is the first version of the optomix, in other words the optomix v1. modules are new old stock but being sold at a discount since a newer version is available.

the optomix is a direct coupled, two channel low pass gate utilizing 4 vactrols to provide simultaneous voltage control over amplitude and frequency content of a signal. it is in essence, a vcfa. additionally optomix offers a summing stage complete with an auxiliary in allowing for the chaining of multiple units to create larger mixes (this also works well in combination with the moddemix).

the damp parameter, unique to the optomix, allows the artist to program the way the low pass gate responds to a decaying control transient, such as envelope signal generated by maths or a gate applied to the strike input (see below). damp is continuously variable from long, slow and ringing to short, fast and muted.

the strike input, also unique to the optomix, allows the artist to use a typical 8v gate signal to trigger the low pass gate circuit by "plucking" or "striking" the vactrol, thus allowing it to impart its magically slow response time upon the amplitude of the signal being processed. combined with the damp parameter, strike allows for the programming of percussive sounds (sharp attack w/ voltage controlled decay) without the need for a voltage controlled envelope generator

the benefit of direct coupling is that a channel of the optomix could be used to process control signals.

this module is 8hp and consumes 29ma worth of current.

download the manual here.

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