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power bus kit

price : $145.00

power bus kit ac adapter for 100-240v

price : $34.00

Power Bus Kit

the power bus kit is a powered bus board with front panel power jack that will work anywhere in the world with the right external adapter (sold separately).

outputs: 1.4 amps +12v regulated, 1 amp -12 regulated and 250ma +5v regulated.
20 euro power connectors (2 x 8 male .1" headers).
spade connectors for dc in/out/gnd (for chaining of dc power to multiple boards).
spade connectors for +/-12v, system gnd, +5v, and the cv/gate bus lines (for expansion).
low noise, stable and no heat to dissipate.
conservative current rating.
automatic shut-off when current draw exceeds 2.2a.
delayed power up to avoid falsely blowing fuses (when powering several metasonix modules, for example).
super efficient, averaging 92% efficiency.
unique design allows for powering two rows without the need for another passive bus board and additional wiring.
lightweight and low profile (less then 18mm height).

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