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quad peak animation system (qpas)

price : $379.00

Quad Peak Animation System (QPAS)

the quad peak animation system combines the auditory enveloping of stereo spaced peaks with the animation of two or more peaks in a single channel dancing around each other or engaging in primitive vocalizations. qpas is quad core, containing four identical state variable filter cores with a control system powerful enough to guide them in stereo multi-peak operation, but simple enough to encourage system integration rather than domination.

quad core stereo analog
multi-peak with clean resonance
fast response encourages deep fm
radiate spaces stereo image and animates associated channel
high q settings are under damped, excitable, and ring by gate or trigger
2 !!กก modulation inputs aid patch exploration
stereo vca, pre-filter with gain
mono to stereo, stereo to mono, mono to mono and stereo to stereo operations
smile pass filter response unique to qpas
low pass, band pass, high pass and smile pass outputs simultaneously available

width: 18hp
max depth: 30mm
power: 166ma @ +12v, 190ma @ -12v

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