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make noise

price : $259.00


the x-pan music synthesizer module is a compact and powerful 5 channel voltage controlled stereo mixer with low noise and high headroom allowing for creation of complex panoramic audio imagery in just 10hp.

x-pan is highly responsive to control signals allowing for exploration of the fluctuating stereo sidebands possible with audio rate crossfading and panning. x-pan is direct coupled for use as a cv processing and routing toolbox.

x-pan consists of two full featured channels and one simpler channel. the top two channels each have voltage controlled cross-fading and panning while the third channel is a stereo aux input with stereo vca. all three channels are combined together at the stereo sum outputs.

5 signal inputs all routed to a dynamic stereo output
contains 10 high quality vca circuits in just 10hp
fully voltage controlled panning, cross-fading and mixing
easy to maintain signal integrity with high headroom, low noise circuitry
audio rate crossfading and panning, fluctuating stereo sidebands
aux stereo inputs controlled by stereo vca with combo pot
part of a decentralized mix console integrated throughout the system along with optomix, moddemix, dynamix, and rxmx
direct coupled for use as complex cv router
pairs well with qpas and morphagene

width: 10hp
max depth: 30mm
power: 145ma @ +12v, 110ma @ -12v

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