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patchblocks (eurorack; black front panel)

price : $199.00

patchblocks (eurorack; red front panel)

price : $199.00

patchblocks (eurorack; white front panel)

price : $199.00

patchblocks (eurorack; yellow front panel)

price : $199.00 are delighted and humbled to have been working with patchblocks over the last while to develop a eurorack modular synth version of patchblocks, the programmable mini synth originally developed

patchblocks allows the user to program and customise how the module behaves, using the patchblocks super intuitive graphical programming environment.

some of the functions that the module can currently do;
voltage controlled oscillator (1v/oct)
clock divider
envelope generator (ad/adsr)
syncable lfo
noise / random events / source of uncertainty
lofi delay / chorus / pitch shift type effects
drum sample player / small size sample player
midi to cv / cv to midi

the audio inputs and outputs are available as two separate mono channels, so it is possible to write a patch to perform a different function on each channel e.g. oscillator on left channel, clock divider onright channel.

technical specifications:
module size - 8hp, depth 30mm (skiff friendly)

the module requires 50ma of +12v, 25ma of -12v and 30ma of +5v to operate, and is normally powered from a eurorack power supply distribution bus.
audio i/o - left and right channel analogue audio inputs and outputs, voltage range +/-10v.

gate / trigger inputs - for the left and right switches, voltage range 0v to +5v, overvoltage protected.

control voltage inputs - for the left and right knobs/pots, voltage range -2.5v to +2.5v. when a cv signal is present the knob/pot acts as an attenuator/level control, when no cv signal is present the knobperforms the function assigned in the patch.

digital audio and midi/serial data i/o - using a 5pin idc connector and ribbon cable connected on the back of the module, left and right channel digital audio and midi data (tx/rx) can be sent betweenmodules, or to/from a desktop patchblocks device. [dedicated midi breakout module coming soon].

usb - usb type b connector accessible at the front of the module, esd and overvoltage protected.

the patchblocks processor is an arm cortex-m3 processor, running at 72mhz, with 32kb on-chip flash memory and 8kb sram.

the audio sampling rate is 20 khz with 10bit sampling accuracy.

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