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malekko heavy industry

price : $150.00

malekko omicron series dsp sample rate reducer pedal.

the future arrived in 1937 with the advent of digital audio. a few years later, malekko releases "bit", the malekko omicron series dsp sample rate reducer pedal.

featuring a true mix pot allowing 100% wet to 100% dry and an extremely powerful sample rate reduction, you get a super flexible and rich sounding quantization distortion in an unprecedented tiny enclosure at an affordable price.

small and simple to use, this true bypass pedal has two control pots: mix and bit. it really couldn't be any easier!

varying the sample rate causes the sound to evolve from clean to an increasingly low resolution, bit reduced, square edged staircased version of itself. as the sample rate reduces, harmonics start to distort, attenuate to nothing, and re-appears as 'aliased' frequency inversions, significantly altering the overall harmonic content. the degree of bit-reduction and aliasing is relative to dialed sampling frequency and the note played, allowing the instrumentalist additional control of the effect.

bass players take note:
this pedal sounds incredible on bass!!
the true mix pot gives you mastery over your dry signal, so there is no loss of low end! coupled with the sickest, sweetest sample reduction destruction, your bandmates will be jealous!

the malekko bit pedal ingests the sound of that expensive guitar you bought and changes it into the sound of a poorly strung radioactive tent pole as it enters a wood chipper and runs off a 'standard' 9vdc neg tip regulated power supply (not included).

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