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malekko heavy industry
ekko 616

price : $150.00

for years, malekko has been synonymous with the best quality bbd delays available. today the evolution continues with the ekko 616, a full featured yet compact delay with external modulation controls, an optional buffer, internal level pot and 650ms of pure analog bliss! the e616's specially voiced repeats allow a larger bandwidth to pass than most traditional analog delays. turn the mix pot all the way up and the repeats will be slightly louder than the dry signal if needed, allowing greater flexibility. the regeneration pot will take you from a simple slapback to a nice gentle decay of a few repeats then all the way to taking off into outer space with just a turn of the pot! engage the modulation button and the malekko ekko 616 takes on a whole new personality, from subtle chorusing or beautiful vibrato to way way beyond. the ekko 616 also allows you to select your type of bypass between buffered or true bypass. tired of annoying volume drops? an internal trimpot (labeled "gain") will allow you to set the ekko 616's level to your specific setup.

time turn this knob clockwise to set your delay time from 6-650 milliseconds.
mix adjusts the output level of your delayed signal.
regen sets the amount of delay regeneration (repeats).
modulation led indicates modulation effect is applied to your delayed signal and led flashes the modulation speed.
mod button press this button to engage or disengage the modulation effect.
speed adjusts the speed of the modulation effect. turning clockwise increases the speed.
depth adjusts the depth of the modulation effect. turning clockwise increases the depth.
t/b button you can set your ekko 616 to buffered bypass (button down, led lit) or true bypass (button up, led off). true bypass affects the gain of your pedal.
buffered bypass led indicates the buffered bypass is engaged (led on).

download the manual here.

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