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malekko heavy industry

price : $159.00

the wolftone fetish is proudly made by us in-house in portland, oregon using the highest quality components!

designed by todd wolfgram, malekko is thrilled to release our hand-built, all-analog wolftone fetish pedal. featuring locally screen-printed enclosures, each pedal is built with optimal components meticulously selected from all points of the globe.

fetish is a 2-stage class a preamp boost distortion pedal and, like other wolftone pedals, it is extremely musical and very responsive to a player's dynamics. single or humbucking pickups are still clearly heard and articulated and you can easily modulate between light or heavy distortion using picking dynamics. while more aggressive than the sloika, the fetish is still capable of very even transitions from heavy distortion into a clean sound.

the field switch changes the characteristics of the distortion and also determines what frequencies the push knob will emphasize. with the switch set at 0, the push control will change from a bright top end into a thick mid-sounding distortion. set at 2, the push increases low end response, going from chunky overdrive to very heavy distortion. with the switch set to 1, the pedal is now in maximum gain, and the push control will sweep from crunchy to full fet saturation. at this setting, low level feedback is just a matter of finding the note! the tone control changes the overall sound from a muted top end to wide open highs, perfect for shredding riffs!

no low end loss and fetish loves a bass guitar!

another fantastic wolftone pedal from todd wolfgram!

the pedal is powered by a 9v dc adapter (neg tip) or internal battery snap. current draw is 50ma.

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