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malekko heavy industry

price : $649.00


manther is a full featured, tabletop monosynth with an analog signal path, an advanced 64-step digital sequencer and onboard delay. the heart of this beast is a coveted cem3340 based vco ic chip. the analog filter is based on an ssm2044 chip. the source mixer allows for total control over the square, triangle, saw, tri shape, noise and sub levels and waveforms also include individual outputs. dial everything from heavy basslines to screaming leads to stomping kicks. manther growls like no other.

each step of the sequencer can be automated across all main features and all automation saved within a total of 64 presets. this allows for recall of intricate sound sculpting and numerous animated creations. easily build songs by simply selecting presets to play in any order. program notes quickly using the keyboard. utilize the repeat and probability functions per step for a unique and inspiring approach to gate pattern formation. even route the lfo to modulate the delay time.

the intuitive menu offers additional control and setup of the more complex features: sub semitones, adsr envelope (linear or exponential), sequence direction (fwd, reverse, pendulum and random), sequence division and multiplication, lfo phase, additional delay features, clock settings and more.

ins and outs include: cv, midi, clock, gate and lfo and pairs brilliantly with eurorack.

64-step sequencer
keyboard with transpose controls
onboard delay with time, mix, regenerate and sync controls
individual outputs for square, saw and triangle waveforms
mixer for square, triangle, saw, sub and noise
audio input
4 banks of 16 presets each
song mode
record automation of features per step for: lfo, vco, delay, vcf, adsr envelope, morph and glide
gate probability, gate repeat, gate delay and accent per step
morph control over automation
route lfo to modulate delay time
lfo sync
assign modulation of pulsewidth to lfo, manual or envelope
glide control per step
fwd, rev, pendulum and randomize sequence directions
tempo control
switches for lfo shape and ramp
switches for envelope direction and vca control
range switch
gate inputs and outputs
lfo output
cv inputs for vco, vcf and vca
midi in and out
headphone output
rugged metal enclosure

download the users manual here

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