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malekko heavy industry
manther growl

price : $499.00

Manther Growl

manther growl is a full featured, eurorack monophonic synth voice with an analog signal path and like the manther tabletop, it includes a coveted cem3340 vco ic chip. the analog filter is based on an ssm2044 chip. square, saw and triangle waveforms have their own individual level controls (manual control as well as cv jack inputs), as well as their own individual outputs. wavefold control can be set to tri or all (folds all waveforms and external input post-filter). dial the independent lfo level controls to modulate pitch, pulsewidth and filter cutoff. also includes manual controls over both vca and filter adsr and both the vca and filter have individual gate inputs.

create everything from heavy basslines to screaming leads to stomping kicks. manther growls like no other.
vca and filter adsr envelopes with cv and gate inputs
external source input routed to the filter
cv inputs for square, saw, triangle levels and waveshape amount
cv inputs for filter resonance and frequency
1v/oct input
individual outputs for square, saw and triangle waveforms
individual outputs for the vca envelope and vcf envelope
output jack, post vca
invert filter envelope switch
4 lfo shapes (ramp, sine, square and random)
lfo ramp to saw switch
level controls for lfo over pitch, pw and filter cutoff
pitch range switch and knob for fine tuning
direct lfo output

26hp power: 300ma on +12v and 200ma on -12v

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