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malekko heavy industry
plus ultra 213

price : $195.00

the plus ultra 213 is a classic fuzz coupled with an all-pass filter circuit.

this fuzz is a maxed-out, no nonsense fuzz capable of ripping toupees off of geezers and straightening out comb-overs from a distance of up to 213 feet*! from sweet soaring, jagged harmonic madness to crunchy woofer-frying lows, this fuzz is as mellow or intense as you require.

for added fuzz extremes, hit the filter stomp switch and hang on! now the 213 takes on a whole new dimension of pleasing destruction. slowly sweep through the frequency to pinpoint your preferred sonic position and enjoy. make sure you've brushed your teeth because no one can prevent your toothy grin while playing through this pedal! and that's a fact.**

the effects are not separate; you add the filter circuit to the fuzz.

more then just a pretty face, this hand-built pedal packs some serious 60's vibe under the hood: unearthed original parts from a bygone era, carbon comp resistors and new old stock components combine to create excessive vintage tone mojo horsepower. the resonant all-pass filter, tuned specifically for this fuzz, allows for intense high and low frequency peaks when tweaked with the tone pot. this pedal oozes classic vintage boss groovy mojo vibes, much like your lime-green beanbag chair, if that's how you choose to live your life.

features an expression jack for vintage fuzz-wah freakout fun.

warning: dialing through the tonal possibilities between the frequency, sustain and tone knobs might be harmful to others.

this pedal is powered by a 9v dc adapter (neg tip) or internal battery snap.

the bypass stomp switch turns fuzz effect on/off
the filter on/off stomp switch adds filter effect to fuzz
the frequency knob controls which frequency the all-pass filter effect is centered on.
the sustain knob controls saturation amount allowing you to color your distortion from cobra to king cobra
the tone knob effects overall fuzz tone: from bright to dark
the volume knob is the effect output control; also provides massive gain to the signal
plug an expression pedal into the expression jack for hands-free filter frequency wah-wah style control of your fuzz!

* not an actual guarantee
** not an actual fact

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