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malekko heavy industry
quad envelope

price : $299.00

Quad Envelope

quad envelope includes 4 individual ahdsr envelope generators with individual outputs as well as a 16-step automation sequencer per channel. hold the record button and move the sliders for attack, hold, decay, sustain and release to animate each of these settings for a given channel. autosave in stand-alone mode, or save up to 16 presets of these settings using varigate 4+ or up to 100 presets using varigate 8+.

you can set each envelope to either trigger, gate, loop or gate/loop. you can also set each individual envelope to either fast, slow or tempo synced modes. each automation sequencer can be set to either forward, reverse, pendulum or random. link mode allows for linking envelope channels 2-4 to channel 1. the quad envelope allows for a multitude of dynamic possibilities for live performance and recording.

4 individual ahdsr envelopes with independent outputs.
16 steps of automation recording for ahdsr settings per channel (+ clear automation function)
gate mode
loop mode
gate/loop mode
tempo sync
link mode (link channels 2-4 to 1)
forward, reverse, pendulum and random switch for sequenced automation per track
autosave stand-alone or save up to 16 presets with varigate 4+ and 100 with varigate 8+
switch between fast, slow or tempo sync per envelope
clock in
reset in

weight: 1 lbs
dimensions: 7 x 4 x 3 in

download the users manual here

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