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quad vca

price : $199.00

Quad VCA

quad vca is a 4-channel, advanced voltage controlled amplifier with an analog signal path that can either be used stand-alone, or in tandem with the varigate 4+ and 8+ for multiple preset recall over the power bus.

input channels 2-4 are normalled to 1 and scan mode allows for complex level and modulation routing. each channel includes a mute function and all outputs are summed to a mix output. to adjust level and cv modulation per channel, use the select channel buttons and then adjust the offset and attenuverter controls.

scan mode includes two functions. scan: insert 4 inputs, 1 cv and monitor mix output for 4:1 scanning. pan: insert an input into ch 1 and ch 1 cv will route input to up to 4 different outputs. offset and attenuation can be adjusted to control how incoming cv is applied.

the remote switch allows you to access saved presets when paired with varigate 8+ (100 presets) or varigate 4+ (16 presets). in stand-alone mode, all settings are auto-saved.

quad vca is a complete 4-channel vca and mixing solution with preset recall capability, all in 8hp.
4 individual inputs (audio and cv) and outputs and 1 mix output
4 bi-polar cv inputs, accepting up to ±10v
scan mode (4:1 scanning and panning)
offset and attenuvert controls per channel
remote switch on/off for saving multiple quad vca presets along with your varigate 4+ and varigate 8+ or stand-alone mode
mute buttons per channel output


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