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malekko heavy industry

price : $100.00

sick of blisters, commonly associated with the feverish twiddling of volume knobs? do you find yourself screaming, "enough! it's time someone created a pedal that will automatically alternate between increasing and decreasing signal amplitude, thus creating a perceivable, repeating pattern of undulation!"?

if so, rejoice!

malekko heavy industry corporation is proud to introduce you to "trem", the sixth pedal in the artful omicron series.

"trem" is a tiny little machine that packs a volumetric ton of oomph. with only two knobs, the user is able to manipulate a signal's volume within a vast spectrum of possibility: from a slow and shallow push/pull, all the way through to a quick and choppy pulse. speed controls the rate of gain and attenuation (the on/off led blinks in time with this setting when the pedal is engaged), while depth adjusts the amplitude of both (if you find yourself wanting more gain, there is an adjustable trimpot, easily accessible with the pedal's backplate removed).

don't be surprised when your drummer asks, "is that a malekko heavy industry corporation trem in your pocket, or do you just naturally undulate so smoothly?"

runs off a 'standard' 9vdc neg tip regulated power supply (not included).

simple to use:
speed pot: adjusts the speed of the modulation
depth pot: adjusts the amount of modulation

download the manual here.

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