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malekko heavy industry
voltage block

price : $349.00

Voltage Block

8 independent 16-stage cv sequencers packed with performance features and presets makes the voltage block the ultimate cv tool. create quantized or unquantized sequences for each output, record your modulation changes, tie sequences together, mute on the fly, randomize your outputs and so much more. the voltage block can be used stand-alone or pairs well with varigate 4 and especially varigate 8+ to share clocking and preset save/recall. all in 20hp.

8 channels + 16 stage per channel of cv modulation
save and recall presets
live slider/automation recording
scale selection per output or unquantized 0-5v
interpolation option for each step for smooth or stepped modulation
offset and attenuation for cv input
clock and cv operation modes
sequence length can be set from 1 to 16 steps
clock can be divided by up to 16
randomize all outputs per step
easy control over stage length
rest/hold gate input
glide per stage
forward, reverse, pendulum or random directions per channel
arpeggiator mode
freeze mode
mutes per channel
mutes per sequence stage
tie presets together for "song mode"
can be linked to the varigate 8+ to share clocking and preset save/recall (up to 100 presets)
clock in
busboard cv gate


download the users manual here.

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