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malekko heavy industry
wolftone chaos

price : $159.00

analog shaping distortion pedal

sanctioned by todd wolfgram, malekko is extremely happy to release our hand-built, all-analog wolftone chaos pedal.

a brief history of the wolftone pedals: in the early 2000's, our friends studio electronics released two superb todd wolfgram designed effect pedals, the wolftone helium and wolftone chaos. these pedals have since earned almost mythical status due to their intense distortions and unique sounds which were unlike anything else available as well as their rarity.

todd worked closely with malekko to update the original chaos without modifying any sonic aspect of this celebrated pedal. now running on a 'standard' 9v neg tip adapter, the chaos is an all analog distortion pedal with many extremes. the dimension and hair switches combined with pickup selection and playing dynamics allow sweeping filter and ring modulation effects coupled with majestic octave and higher-overtones for an incredible sonic palette. this is a pedal with a glorious reputation and for good reason!

stay tuned for todd wolfgram's pedal operation description!

the pedal is powered by a 9v dc adapter (neg tip) or internal battery snap.

the dimension switch (2nd/3rd)- determines the characteristics of the entropy control. the "2nd" setting provides a hint of octave up tone and a warmer overall feel. the "3rd" setting creates a hollow synth-like tone with higher entropy settings.

the hair switch (on/off)- creates a filter sweep feel and gives a little more edge.

the entropy knob (zero to infinity)- controls the harmonic complexity of the distorted tone. at lower levels you get a vintage fuzz-tone effect. when turned all the way up, entropy can create synth-like effects. some settings actually mimic ring modulator sounds.

the drive knob- determines amount of distortion, from a subtle edgy overdrive quality to a full-on sustaining overdrive.

the volume knob- controls the final output volume, capable of extreme gain.

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