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memotron m2d

price : $1,199.00

Memotron M2D

the memotron m2d is the youngest member of the memotron-family. a robust metal-case harbours all the control-elements of the classic m400 control-panel. the sounds are directly pulled from the internal memory (encompassing ca. 360 memory-cells), without requiring a loading-process. via sd-card new sounds can be imported and settings (panaroma, volume, effects, as well as attack- and release-times) can be saved conveniently in the form of ‘frames’. included in the purchase are 100 sounds (the complete studio and vintage 1 collection and a selection of single sounds from all other available collections plus 57 new sounds). all other available memotron sounds can be used as well. the integrated effects-section possesses numerous, adjustable effects like: distortion, phaser, flanger, chorus, tremolo, echo and delay.

overview of the functions:
fully polyphonic (105 voices)
up to three sounds loadable
controls: volume, tone, pitch, frame, half-speed, as well as data/esc to navigate the menu
int. adjustable effects-processor
headphone output
volume-pedal input
stereo line-output
midi in / out
int. sound-memory (ca. 360 sounds)
sd-card-slot (rear)
high-quality metalcase
int. power supply (90-240v~ ac/ 50-60hz)

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