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manikin electronic
memotron rack

price : $1,199.00

the memotron rack ships with the vintage collection 1, studio collection and a 4 gig compact flash card free of charge.

enjoy the well-known ‘strawberry fields’ flutes of the beatles, the mighty choirs of genesis or the fat brass of king crimson and many more exciting sounds in a portable midi controllable rack. as the memotron rack is fully compatible with the sounds of the memotron keyboard, more than 80 different quality sounds are presently available from the constantly expanding memotron sound library. within the scope of supply are 24 sounds of the ‘vintage collection’ and the ‘studio collection’. like with the memotron keyboard, the sounds are stored on a fast-loading compact-flash-card. all settings (panorama, transposition point, volume, effects, attack and release) can be stored there as "multi:".

the sound module is sixfold multitimbral with up to 128 voices and offers comprehensive adjustments for each of its 6 sounds. if you even use a 76 or 88 keys comprising keyboard to control the module and split 3 sound banks left and 3 banks right over the whole range (like a mkii tron), adding the option to set the attack and release time, panorama and volume for each of the 6 banks separately, then rather massive stereo sounds are possible (think of genesis’ watcher of the skies) that by far exceed the original.

the integrated digital effects section provides various stereo effects like reverb, delay, chorus, flanger or rotary speaker.

sound samples:
demosong studio collection
demosong vintage collection 1
demosong vintage collection 2
demosong vintage collection 3
demosong berlin school collection

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