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mannequins by whimsical raps

price : $251.00


history navigator, connecting patchshapes in temporal arrangement

w/ takes a nowness and returns it in a futurenow. eight hours of audio sculpture to be recorded in and over and around. in fugues conversations fold, a fresh context for renewed identity.

considered as a traditional tape system, w/'s sounds can be played forward and back / at fixed speeds / with continuous through-zero momentum. these playings-back are of voices recorded with in, layered sound upon sounds. passing moments are joined into repeating loops with a rhythmic switch.

beyond the loop these timestamped cues become compositional signposts. edit and audition; trigger and pitch- a sampler is revealed. this and that respond to the scene, controlling speed and cue-selection, recording states & tapehead manipulations.

a celebration of muscle-memory & cheat-code combos, W/ rewards persistence with persistence. Held up to an instrument, a hall-of-mirrors, multiplying in and on reflection.

2hp; 39mm depth

download the users manual here.

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