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medic modules
voice box

price : $174.00

finally a radical way to get sound out of your modular! the medic modules voice box is a eurorack speaker module that installs into your modular system just like any other module.

essentially voice box is a fun, easily accessible speaker to give your modular an edp wasp / arp 2600 sound right out of the cabinet! forget having to power on the entire studio when you want to make some noise.

voice box provides instant, plug-in access your modular patches. simply plug in and results are heard.

function control details
volume: output volume is controlled via the red led slider.

audio in: feed your audio into this socket.

width: 14hp
depth: 40mm
voltage: -/+12v
power consumption: 100ma
doepfer style power cable included.

weight: 0.285kg

*note: medic modules do not require the optional 5v power rail when used in doepfer cases.

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