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f-2 preamp/distortion/wah

price : $465.00

F-2 Preamp/Distortion/Wah

the metasonix f-2 is the only tube wah pedal/preamp currently available. and it's the best ever made. it's all nos tubes, an entirely tube signal path, and a unique tube wah filter with a 6+ octave range. it goes deep and gives pure vintage sound you've never had before.

the preamp is dialed in for the perfect amount of touch-sensitive distortion with electric guitar. it uses a new-old-stock 5u8 triode-pentode made by ge long ago. it gives more gain and a nicer classic distortion than any 12ax7. the amplified signal then feeds into a distinctive bandpass filter, based on another 5u8 triode-pentode tube. the filter's resonance is adjustable with a front-panel knob, allowing you to use it as anything from a gentle equalizer effect to a shrieking oscillation. the filter center frequency is adjusted with a real, nos excelitas "vactrol" ldr, for the smooth effect of a real vactrol-varied filter. this is the same circuit metasonix used in previous products, such as the r-54 "supermodule", the s-2000 synthesizer, and the d-2000 drum machine.

wait, you're saying "this isn't a wah pedal, there's no moving footpedal on top". because of cost and space issues, the f-2 contains just the electronics of a wah effect. in order to sweep the wah filter by foot, you plug in a "standard" expression pedal. it connects to the f-2's cv input with a single cable having a trs plug. expression pedals are readily available from all music dealers. this gives the f-2 an advantage over conventional wah pedals; if the pot in the pedal goes bad (which they always eventually do), just plug in another expression pedal. the cv input also accepts a 0-10 volt control voltage produced by various analog synthesizer equipment.

and there are "hidden features". the trs input jack actually accepts two signals: the guitar preamp is on the "tip" connection as usual, and the "ring" connection is an optional line-level input which bypasses the preamp. and the output is also a trs connection; the "tip" is the output of the preamp feeding into the wah circuit, while the optional "ring" connection is the preamp output only, minus the wah effect. connect the f-2 like a typical pedal effect, and it acts like a pedal effect. but these added connections increase the feature set for other applications.

if you don't play guitar the f-2 is still eminently usable as a preamp and sweepable filter with any kind of input signal. it can be integrated into modular-synthesizer setups as a typical filter effect. or crank up the resonance to use it as a vco. it roughly tracks a hz/v control voltage; modular adapters are available from other firms to convert v/oct cv.

there's a special bonus if you purchase one of the first twenty f-2 pedals! each of those twenty units will have a different stupid internet meme printed on the gold-foil front panel. collect them all, insult your friends or yourself! but hurry! once they are gone the f-2 will go back to being just another awesome sounding and unique pedal!

yes, it's hand-made in california, not china. yes, it's completely analog. unavoidably and brutally pure analog. and no one else is doing it. power requirement: 12 volts dc only, 2 amps at cold, 750 ma after warmup. "universal" ac adapter is included which will run on 120v or 240v mains. the f-2 is in a massive cast aluminum enclosure with front-panel art printed on gold foil and a gold-plated protective bar over the tubes and controls.

these demos show the f-2 with no other effects or processing applied.

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