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tm-m mounting kit

price : $50.00

TM-M Mounting Kit

the metasonix tm-m mounting kit allows you to mount your tm series module into a synthesis technologies motm™,™, or moog™ modular electronic music synthesizer. because the tm modules are electrically compatible with other analog synthesizer modules, this capability can set your modular synth apart from all others.

the kit includes mounting brackets, a special depth-limited drill bit, and an assortment of mounting hardware to take care of most possible contingencies, plus trim panels. the tm modules may be mounted flush with other modules, or recessed--mounting height is determined by the installer by drilling mounting holes for the brackets into the tm module's cabinet. the only tools needed are a small electric drill or dremel™ tool and a phillips screwdriver.

each tm module occupies 3 motm module spaces (5.25" including trim panels on each side). tm modules may be mounted in other 5u-high modular synthesizers, such as and vintage moog and moog ce synth cabinets, by drilling additional holes in the tm-m mounting brackets or by simply mounting with one screw per bracket.

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