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price : $1,199.00

mfb's tanzbãr drum-computer offers fourteen analogue percussion instruments as well as a synthesizer for bass- and melodic voices. its integrated step-sequencer allows flashlight-programming and storage of up to 144 patterns. all parameters can be recorded per step! because of its ability to control and call up all functions on the fly, while the unit is running, tanzbãr is ideally suited for live performances.

using the fill-function, patterns can be chained for longer sequences. in addition, every pattern offers a/b variations that can be switched manually or automatically for further flexibility. also, tanzbãr allows saving 16 flame and roll-variations.

the step-length is controllable per instrument, allowing easy creation of polyrhythmic structures. possible resolutions are 32th and 16th steps as well as 16th- and 8th triplet-steps. the shuffle amount can be continuously controlled globally and per instrument.

each instrument offers three accent intensities. add the bend-function to create glides and lfo-like sweeps for bass drum 1/2, snare drum and toms 2/3.

in addition to the percussion-instruments, tanzbãr offers addressing external instruments using its two cv/gate outputs; one being able to control dynamics via a third cv-output. the same tracks are routed to the internal bass- and melody-synthesizer voices. an ideal solution to pre-listen and program patterns without any need for external equipment.

the cv/gate-sequencer offers a range of three octaves and is programmable using two methods. all parameters are output via midi, allowing control of external instruments. the drum-computer can be synchronized via midi- and clock-signals.

finally, tanzbãr not only offers a master volume knob but individual level controls and mute-functions per instrument. the unit provides a stereo output as well as twelve individual outputs.

tanzbaer has the following dimensions: 330 x 170 x 60 mm. an external power supply is included.

instrument parameters:
bassdrum 1: decay, pitch, pitch modulation, transient level, transient type, noise level, noise filter, distortion

bassdrum 2: decay, pitch, transient level

snare: pitch, detune, noise level, noise decay, blend tone 1/2, decay, tone pitch

rimshot: pitch

cymbal: decay, tone, blend ping/cymbal

open hihat: decay, tone

closed hihat: decay, tone

claves: decay, pitch

claps (stereo): decay, reverb length, clap intensity, clap-number/pattern

low tom/conga: decay, pitch, noise level

mid tom/conga: decay, pitch, noise level

hi tom/conga: decay, pitch, noise level

cowbell: decay, pitch

maracas: decay

bassline: filter, pitch

melody: pitch

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