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sy0.5 analog drum module

price : $325.00

SY0.5 Analog Drum Module

a faithful 1:1 recreation of a single channel of the pearl syncussion sy-1. the circuit uses all modern versions of original parts (all the opamps are still in production!) and equivalent parts for out of production parts.

mode functionlity:
there are two options for mode, one will advance the osc mode with a trigger in the direction it was last selected manually (up or down) or you can select the mode with a cv, 0-5v. you can toggle between these functions by long pressing both buttons

power header orientation:
this the psipower scheme so there is no polarity on the power header, either way is fine.

10 hp, 20mm deep
current draw: +12v 130 ma, -12v 20 ma
output at eurorack levels
cv modulation of decay time
cv modulation of filter cutoff
cv modulation of osc pitch
cv input range +/-10v

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