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Bright Lights and Cats With No Mouths - The Art of John Balance Collected

bright lights and cats with no mouths: the art of john balance collected

the reprint of the first ever extensive overview of art (drawings, paintings and sketches) created by john balance of coil.

price : $65.00

The Analogue Man's Guide To Vintage Effects

the analog man's guide to vintage effects

foreword by adrian belew, 288 pages plus 16 page full-color glossy insert, 219 b&w and 129 color photos

price : $50.00

Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession

beat box: a drum machine obsession

essential reading material for anyone fascinated in rhythm boxes. for a drum machine obsession joe mansfield explores 75 drum machines from his personal collection (and it's quite an impressive collection!). over the course of 200 pages, mansfield breaks down the beat boxes from the 50's to late 80's with background and factoids about each machine along, vintage advertisements, and tons of photos by gary land. several interviews are also included from numerous drum machine masters and innovators including roger linn, davy dmx, schooly d, and more. the hardcover book comes packaged in a deluxe leatherette slipcase with exclusive 7" featuring joe mansfield's re-creation of the beastie's "paul revere" instrumental and a cassette with beats to 18 hit rock, dance and hip-hop tracks re-created on 11 different drum machines. limited edition.

price : $69.00

Peter Christopherson Photography (Regular Edition)

peter christopherson photography
(regular edition)

the reprint of the first ever book to exhaustively document the legendary unpublished photographic work of peter christopherson from throbbing gristle, coil and hipgnosis.

price : $65.00

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