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the sound that changed the world

the fuzz box: that tiny little box between the electric guitar and the amp...what on earth does it do? clif taylor ex...plores this insane industry of noise making, from the geeky backyard 'boutique' engineers building prized and 'instantly collectible' clones of terribly scarce 'vintage' psychedelic circuits to professional wah wah men, electronic gurus, capable of pitching that monster tone into a circuit bent chaos, so filthy with angst even your parents would loose control if over-exposed. filled with hysterical drama and outlandish controversy, these mad genius rockers fight to the end of the internet and backdetailed info...

price : $20.00

the documentary film by hans fjellestad

this movie provides a rare glimpse of the man behind the machines. his thoughts and insights as well as his interactions with musicians from toyko to nyc to his home town of asheville, nc. bob has always put the musician first and hans fjellestad has captured Bob's feelings and emotions while making an entertaining film.

price : $20.00

theremin, an electronic odyssey
steven m. martin

the music he created was strange. his life was even stranger... sundance winner

price : $15.00

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