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modal electronics

price : $4,495.00

modulus.002 provides twelve discrete voices of polyphony with full multi-timbrality if desired

two oscillators per voice with two sub oscillators, which can be switched from being either traditional square wave to having the same waveform as the main oscillator in effect making four oscillators per voice

analogue / digital hybrid architecture uses ncos for very high resolution, and very stable oscillators. over 50 different waveforms, ranging from classic analogue sounds to more unique digital shapes

modulus designed 24db per octave four pole transistor ladder filter, with some very unusual morphing characteristics or 'polesweeping', enabling transition from four pole through bandpass to one pole 6db per octave, or anywhere in between

two lfo's, one per voice and one global

extensive modulation options, all accessed directly from the front panel no menu options!

modulus.002 features a range of sequencing options a built in 12 track, 12 row, 32 step sequencer with 16 dedicated step time editing knobs on the front panel and midi sync capabilities. sequences can also be transposed dynamically while running

a very highly featured arpeggiator with a wide range of different modes, including modulus 'hold' mode, enabling arpeggiator-based sequences to be created

the modulus animator, which enables any control parameter on the modulus.002 to be sequenced, enabling very complex filter transisitions, wave form changes and modulation matrix changes to be sequenced

superb ui, a great departure from the norm of synthesisers, featuring a very high quality 4.3? screen with wide viewing angle, display is context sensitive where the control parameters of any control knob that is touched by the user, is immediately displayed

twelve 'quick recall banks' are accessible directly from the front panel, enabling performing musicians to get rid of their set sheets and build set lists of presets, sequences and animations, all quickly accessible from dedicated front panel buttons. up to ten banks of quick recalls can be created, making live performance a doddle

vcf and vca envelope generators

four key modes poyphonic, monophonic, unison and stack

very high quality construction, uses a premium fatar semi-weighted five octave key mechanism with aftertouch

all voice control parameters are accessible from a well designed and intuitive front panel, that follows a traditional synthesiser work flow

pure analogue signal path with combined xlr/trs sockets for balance / unbalanced outputs. further, each of the twelve outputs can be brought out individually via a dedicated dsub socket

two audio inputs enabling audio processing from the vcf onwards plus external midi in and out

xy joystick and sustain and expression pedal inputs for performance controls any control parameter can be assigned to any joystick axis (x+, x-, y+, y-) by pressing the dedicated front panel selector button

ethernet port to connect your modulus.002 to your network and enable updates via the internet (no more midi sysex dumps) and access to the modulus cloud features

audio samples:
sample one
sample two
sample three
sample four
sample five
sample six

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