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dual delay (eurorack)

price : $570.00

Dual Delay: Eurorack

the dual delay represents the next step in delay based effects from modcan. we took the existing digital delay 59 from the a/b series and dramatically reworked both the hardware and firmware model to add significant features and enhancements in the conversion to euro format.

the most obviously apparent change was to make it a dual with independant controls for each channel. we also added selectable modes for delay type. choices are re-sampling (pitch shifting effect when altering delay time) and a "clean" mode for standard digital delay effects without pitch shifting.

low noise design using 48khz sample rate, 32bit dsp processing and 16bit i/o.

other features include 0hz-21k continuously variable 4 pole lowpass filter in the delay feedback path for "analog bbd/tape delay" emulation. the filter has full range self oscillating resonance with voltage control of resonance amount and filter cutoff.

input signals can be routed as two mono delays or stereo or as a dual tap delay with delays in series internally.

each channel can be either in clean or resample modes and can also be patched in series and parallel for external feedback path.

delay time can be set by panel control knob, cv, external sync pulse and tap tempo buttons. also sync division is available to divide the pulse clock. each delay has 3 ranges

resample delay ranges
lo: 0.01s - 0.06s
mid: 0.06s - 0.5s
hi: 0.5s - 4s

clean delay ranges
lo: 0.0006 - 0.02s
mid: 0.02s - 0.91s
hi: 0.91s - 5.46s

all the functions (except input level) that are controlled by panel knobs have matching cv inputs allowing for a wide range of flexible control modulation.

the module uses very low current requiring only 40ma for operation and will work with any power supply between 8 and 15v. less current than many simple analogue modules.

dual delay features at a glance:
two independant mono delays
48khz sample rate, 32bit dsp processing and 16bit i/o
built in 4 pole lowpass filter with resonance and routing
cv control over all major parameters
mono or stereo input/output
delay time in 3 ranges
tap and sync tempo
sync tempo division
clipping and sync speed indicator leds
very low operating current
20hp wide approx. 1" deep
firmware by eric brombaugh

sample rate 48khz@16bit
input: 10v pk-pk@100kohms
output: 10v pk-pk @1kohms
input cv 0-10v@100kohms
current:40ma@+12v, 10ma@-12v

view the users manual here.

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