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dual freq shifter

price : $349.00

the dual freq shifter is an all digital interpretation of the classic bode design with numerous significant benefits over its analogue predecessor, primarily the dual configuration.

there are probably only a handful of vintage bode fss in the hands of users that are ever within factory specs at any given time due to complicated and costly calibration procedure. with the dual frequency shifter calibration will never be an issue and will remain an accurate and precise instrument regardless of ambient temperature or age.

frequency shifting is primarily a mathematical function and nothing does maths better than a dsp capable microprocessor. no analogue circuit comes close for feed-thru error free multiplication, high image rejection and vco stability.

another important consideration is that it would be both cost and space prohibitive to implement a matched set of dual fs in analogue with similar features and performance especially in 12hp.

the real fun begins when the two independent fs sections are patched in series or as independent stereo processors. this allows for some seriously altered stereo effects with near 3d results.

2 independent frequency shifter channels in one package
cv control of feedback for each channel
cv control of shift for each channel
clip indicators
+/-5khz exponential shift range
+/-5khz linear shift range
thru-zero operation
high quality codec
16bit audio
zero calibration maintenance
20hz-20khz response
modest current consumption
width 12hp
firmware by eric brombaugh

sample rate: 48khz
sample resolution: 16-bit
output: typical +/-5v @1kohms
input: typical +/-5v @100kohms
input cv: +/-5v @100kohms
power: +12v @70ma, -12v @10ma

demo mp3s:
sample one
sample two
sample three
sample four

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