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price : $599.00


voltage range for cv row outputs:
quantized 0-4v = 4 octaves
un-quantized 0-7v = 7 octaves
gate outs 0-5v
bpm (internal clock mode) 20-650 bpm
external 0-60000+ bpm (audio range)

feature highlights:
resistive touch screen control of all sequence parameters
4 rows of sequencing with up to 64 step length with chaining each row has own clock with variable row length
each of the 4 rows has separate gate, pitch ,note length and slew control for a total of 16 rows of sliders.
memory storage for 99 sequences and 32 songs and all preferences
up to 8 sequences can be chained together into a song with 1-31 repeats per chained event
built in quantizer with both pre-set and user defined scales
quantize scales can be designed in real-time while sequencing
each row can have its own quantization scale or off
4 independent internal clocks
1:1 external clocking and 24ppq clocking modes
tap bpm
cv modulation input can be routed to any or all 16 pitch, gate, note length and slew destinations.
reset for external run/stop control
random modes for each row independently and with external switching
performance mode for real-time switching between sequences

power requirements:
190ma @ +12v
10ma @ -12v

download the pdf manual here.

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